Supriya Pava by Ricardo April 15, 2020 0 Portfolios

Supriya Pava is a photography and video artist, currently living and working in New Delhi, India. She studied photography at International Center of Photography in New York. Pava has been doing freelance work in New York and India, including street photography, portraits, landscapes, travel and adventure sports photography. Since 2015, Pava has been travelling all over India and compiling multitude of images for a photo book. Her work explores landscapes and cityscapes, bringing focus to everyday life and culture. She is also interested in capturing the interstitial places that are a by-product of urban development.
Project description:

Artist-in-Residence Supriya Pava will spend her time photographing and editing images for a new series of work titled Lisbon: While here, which will comprise images documenting life in Lisbon, its streets, food, nightlife, people, culture, cityscapes and even the outskirts. The series will eventually be edited into an exhibition and a book: a monograph of her work, Lisbon: While Here.