Sherry Wiggins by Ricardo April 25, 2020 0 Portfolios

Sherry Wiggins is an interdisciplinary artist and a global art activist. Her work is reflective, often participatory, and rooted within cultural difference, spiritual transformation, social justice and women’s issues. Her artistic practice has taken multiple forms over the last three decades: in collaborations, digital works, drawings, installations, performances, photographs, public art, sculptures, video, and writing. Wiggins is a founding member of 6+: a women’s art collective, a group that has facilitated exhibitions, publications, and workshops among women artists internationally. Exhibitions of her work include venues in China, England, India, Ireland, Korea, Mexico, Portugal, the Middle East, South America, as well as in Colorado and throughout the United States. She received both BFA (1988) and MFA (2005) degrees from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She lives in Boulder, Colorado.