Sara Benaglia by Icaro October 15, 2021 0 Portfolios

Artist and researcher, she has a practice based on the critique of ideologies in visual disciplines, originating from the study of the relationship between physical exercise and spiritual and political beliefs. She exhibited her work at CCA Kitakyushu, Fondazione Merz in Turin, the Spanish Academy in Rome and the Archaeological Museum in Aosta.

She writes essays and interviews with a focus on the relationship between art and politics, and related visual distortions, with a feminist and decolonial approach. In particular, she is interested in the hidden relationship between humanism and the matrix of race in the “Italic” Renaissance context and in the relationship between colonial removals and feminine/deformed bodies. She collaborates with the magazines ATPdiary, Doppiozero and Art e Dossier.

She is curator of the no-profit space BACO_BaseArteContemporaneaOdierna together with Mauro Zanchi, with whom she is mainly interested in contemporary photography from a critical perspective.

Her most recent publications are The Mobility of the Matrix (Lubrina Editore, 2021) and Metafotografia(3) (Skinneboox, 2021).