Samuel Rees by Ricardo April 25, 2020 0 Portfolios

Iceland-based artist from UK, Samuel Rees works with DIY cultures, through self-publishing, b-movie-making and interactive dioramas.

Rees is an adjunct professor at the Iceland Academy of Arts, teaching interactive media on the visual communication and product design courses. Though he works within the design department, his background is more interdisciplinary, with a BA in Interactive Arts from Manchester Metropolitan University (UK), a broad arts degree focussing on ideas generation, development and the application of creative thinking across a range of disciplines. Samuel Rees is co-founder and project manager of the artist-run space Fjúk Arts Centre, Húsavík, Iceland, with an 80´s Icelandic Viking cinema, wooden-clad gallery, mini-museum, bookshop, local studios, workshop area and monthly residency for 4-6 artists.