Rosa Allison by Ricardo April 15, 2020 0 Portfolios

Rosa was born in 1993 and grew up in New Zealand. On the first day of art school in 2011, her home city Christchurch was devastated by an earthquake. Rosa has since been involved in art initiatives and exhibitions that have been established in the rebuild of the city. On graduation of her Batchelor of Fine Arts from the University of Canterbury, she was awarded the Ethel Susan Jones Travelling Scholarship.

Rosa arrived in Europe for a six month exchange at Nottingham University, since then she has been travelling Europe, seeing galleries and gathering ideas for the next project. During her residency at Hangar she will be refining and simplifying her process using acrylic paint, paper and pencil. Working within these parameters, Rosa is aiming to capture moments of tension between controlled line verses the chaos of freehand drawing. This process relies on an amount intuition and chance.