Buenos Aires - PANAL 361

PANAL 361 is 1.500 m2 space with more than 30 studios where artists, designers and creative people from different disciplines work every day. The studios, artists and creative industries, art residencies, training program, exhibitions and production of cultural and artistic content are their fundamental pillars.

RAP/Residencias de Arte Panal is an art residency program with different modalities for young artists, curators and creative people who aim to develop a specific project in the city of Buenos Aires with base at PANAL 361. The main objectives of these residencies are to build bridges, ties and networks to promote artists, creatives and curators, facilitating connections between peers and with the local artistic scene. In this way, enhance the creativity of artist and cultural workers who can get to know other realities and productions from Buenos Aires.




Estefania Landesmann

October 2017


Andreia Santana

December 2017