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August 15th, 2018

For more information:

  • Profile of the candidate: Visual artists.
  • Before completing the online form below, please make sure to collect the following documents:
    • Curriculum vitae;
    • Artist’s portfolio;
    • 1 Photo 3x4cm (document format
    • Copy of the Regulation Form initialed on all pages and signed (the document is attached in the ‘Regulation’ field below);
    • Two letters of recommendation by professionals in the Visual Arts area. Letters of recommendation should be sent directly by their authors through the system of the website (the references will receive the link via e-mail).
    • Project to be developed, including: objective, description, material and human needs, schedule and all other pertinent and useful information to understand the proposal;
  • Payment of the registration fee: $ 75.00 American dollars (Seventy Five American Dollars), through:
    • Credit Card, sending the following data to the email
      – Full name of the artist
      – Full name on credit card
      – Full card number
      – Security code
      – Card expiring date
      – Administrator* Please note that application fee will not be refunded.
      Candidate registration implies knowledge and acceptance of all the conditions of the Regulation.
  • If you have any questions, please contact