Open Mind Sessions by Ricardo April 09, 2018 0 Research, Uncategorized

31 March | 6 pm | talk w/ Marissa Moorman

A musician with a long career connected to Angola. A music with a not so recognizable sound. A record produced in the verge of independence. A few thoughts searching for an idea.

28 April | 6 pmtalk w/ Jabulani Maseko

26 May | 6 pmtalk w/ Mathieu Abonnenc

7 June | 6 pmtalk w/ Fernando Arenas

OPEN MIND SESSIONS. A series of talks/performances by academics and practitioners organized by cultural theorist, Christabelle Peters. Each session will be inspired by a single thing – an artwork, a piece of music, a gesture in dance, etc. – and will invite us along on a magical and intellectual journey across time and space, making linkages with the cultures and histories of the African diaspora. The talks are based on the idea that an open mind can see a whole universe in the tiniest object.