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Hangar I Triangle Network 6ª Edição

Workshop Internacional de Artistas


December 16, Saturday, 3pm

Presentation of the artists’ research and works developed during the residency.

*devido ao carater internacional do workshop as conversas serão em inglês


DIOGO DA CRUZ (Portugal)


Culinary Residency: Liliane Escalhão (A Li Café)
Public dinner + music set
8pm > 11pm

image Nikissi Serumaga

About the Workshop

(IM)Possibilities is the sixth edition of Triangle Network workshop held in Hangar.

(IM) Possibilities aims to be a reflection on what is a possibility or its failure. To think about the defeats of the possible within history, what has remained to be done or to say, or even the action of making happen what is not predictable and safe, but which makes the impossibility to create beyond all limits.

The workshop follows TN’s international network model, i.e., gather a group of local and international artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, geographies, ages and disciplines (in equal numbers) for a period of two weeks, allowing them to work collectively and to exchange artistic, process and cultural experiences.

The artists participating in the 6th edition are: Charles Bhebe (Zimbabwe), Diogo da Cruz (Portugal), Luís Plácido Costa (Portugal), Maria Trabulo (Portugal), Nii Obodai (Ghana), Nikissi Serumaga (Uganda). The group is chosen in a logical parity between genders and nationalities. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together artists who in addition to their artistic practices are also active as cultural producers and streamline independent projects in different geographies.