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“O corpo cria o espaço cria o corpo” “body creates space creates body” with Andrea Brandão

October 3rd and 4th  | Saturday: 10h>16h | Sunday: 15h>19h

Suited for: adults, students, artists, public in general

Before beginning, we have an image of  cup that is half full and a cup that is half empty. That will be our image.  At the beginning we think about body and space. The full and the empty are of equal importance for their description. What it is, what the space could be, and how to activate a space. How to make a body and space and its opposite. a list of question that bring up other questions in movement, at the beginning of our singular experience in relation with space.


–  writing pad

–  comfortable clothes

– something to write with (pencil, colored pencil, felt pen, water color, etc)


50€ – 10 horas


geral[at]hangar.com.pt | + 351 218 870 490