Nathalie Mba Bikoro by Ricardo April 15, 2020 0 Portfolios

Bikoro uses live art practices and digital photography story-telling to create living and performative archives contesting the nature of our cultures, histories and identity. She explains that her research is a decolonial time-machine reacting to sense-memory and political landscapes to create Human Monuments about spaces and peoples across all cultures to re-invent memorial post-colonial gestures towards freedom. These narratives are based on true stories and meander with visual fictions. Bikoro is a conceptual artist from the region of Woleu-Ntem in Gabon and is presently based in Berlin. The crossing of creative disciplines reframes her work in various formats within visual cultural discourses, continuously attempting relations with the context and site in which she is operating. She reframes the contextualisation of creative multi-disciplinarity through the process of collaboration with Theatre of the Oppressed (theatre of decolonisation from Brasil), and Squat Monuments, a developing theoretical practice by Bikoro on decolonising histories and literatures in public space as forms of resistance, protest and community archive. Some of her recent collaborators are with Berlin Tempelhöf Refugee Centre, ETEO Black Diaspora School, Manière Noire Gallery, Kuringa Theatre (Anastacia Laboratory & Theatre of the Oppressed), Savvy Contemporary, Gallerie Wedding, AfricAvenir, HAU Berlin & District Shöneberg.