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Young Painter Prize 2018

Monika Plentauskaité (Lithuania, 1993) is a painter of the younger generation, who gained the bachelor (2016) and the master’s degree (2018) in painting from the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Plentauskaitė creates and researches on themes such as memory, identity and reality through photography. She uses the canvas as a scene, where she directs new narratives about identity according to personal photographies. At the moment, the artist is represented by The Gallery Meno Niša (Vilnius) and since 2013, she is actively participating in various exhibitions. The painter has organized three personal exhibitions in Lithuania as well as presented her works in Poland, Germany and Italy. Works have been acquired by private collectors, such as Modern Art Centre (MO museum) and The National Gallery of Lithuania. In 2017, she was awarded with Lithuanian Culture Council scholarship. In the competition “Young Painter Prize 2018”, the artist was selected for the main prize for a work of painting “Female Painter. Self – Portrait” (2018).