Miguel Angel Valdivia by Ricardo April 16, 2020 0 Portfolios
Born in Mexico DF (1979) lives between London, Paris and Naples.
Ma in Fine Arts at the ENSBa (Paris) and MA in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art (London) where he also teaches as a Visiting Lecturer. Curator and editor of the drawing publication Le Petit Néant (designed by Giulia Garbin).
Miguel Angel Valdivia’s work is a view of our contemporary society, continuously haunted by past and future. A circular vision, repetitive, inspired by dystopian science fiction; it seems to suggest a world in which human beings grasp for their bearings. But finding oneself is not an impossible mission and Valdivia is not a pessimist. He raises rather a series of “survival” questions with humour and distance. We are thus transported into an enigmatic and poetic context which is
disorientating because of its contrast with the violence of his subject matter. His characters inhabit suspended, indefinite, spaces where things no longer work as they ought to, as if they had lost their purpose. Communication between individuals also appears to have broken. This radical questioning challenges the very nature of our world, a world we believed we were familiar with.