Marcelo Wilkes by Ricardo December 21, 2018 0 Portfolios, Uncategorized

Marcelo Wilkes is a pianist with a scholarly musical background, graduated from the Brazilian Conservatory of Music, in Rio de Janeiro. As an artist, he develops a work of stylistic multiplicity, transiting between the most diverse rhythms and musical textures. From electronic to erudite, he draws expressive soundscapes in modal harmonies with strong emotional impact and distinct simplicity.
In addition to training in music, Marcelo is also a graduate in Social Communication. Journalism taught the artist the search for a more critical view of social reality. Attracted by the theme, he began a four-year period, during which he devoted himself to broad-spectrum social projects, many of them connecting education and music. During the new phase, the artist investigates and explores ways to integrate the knowledge of music and photography to the social ideals of a more just and egalitarian world.