Untitled #1
André Príncipe

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André Príncipe
Untitled (from the series ‘Perfume do Boi’)
Dimensions: 110 x 144cm
Glued in pvc, frame with museum glass
Editions: 1/3 + PA
Year: 2013

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André Príncipe (Porto, 1976). Príncipe studied Psychology at the University of Porto and graduated from the Lisbon Film School in 2001. He exhibits regularly since 2004. Among individual exhibitions: Walls at the Portuguese Centre of Photography (2005); Tunnels (2005), Smell of tiger precedes Tiger (2009) and Master and Everyone (2011) at Galeria Fernando Santos; Non-Fiction at Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Elefante at MAAT (2018), A Hard rain is going to fall (Carlos Carvalho Gallery) (2020). Group exhibitions at Le Bal and Galerie 12 mail in Paris; CGAC – Centro Galego Arte Contemporanea, Santiago Compostela; Vacant ( Tokyo), etc.

He has directed and co-directed short and features films, such as “Traces of a diary” (with Marco Martins) and Campo de flamingos sem flamingos. He is the founder and co-editor of the Pierre von Kleist book publishing house. He has published ten books; Tunnels, (Booth-Clibborn Editions, London (2005); Master and Everyone, (2010); I thought you knew where all of the elephants lie down (2011); Perfume of the Ox (2012); Smell of Tiger precedes Tiger (2012); Tokyo Diaries, with Marco Martins (2014); You’re living for nothing now, Book 1,2,3, (2015), Non-Fiction (2018), Elephant (2019) all published by PVK.

His artistic practice focuses on image sequencing.

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