Laura Torres Bauzà by Ricardo April 29, 2020 0 Portfolios

Laura Torres Bauzà (b.1990, Mallorca) lives and works in Balearic Islands. Studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, where she received her master’s degree in Production and Art Research. Later, at Pompeu Fabra University, Laura Torres received her second Master in Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Thought. Since 2012, she has been developing her artistic career, combining visual arts with writing. Laura Torres has shown her work in some exhibitions such as: Wireless Teen F(r)ictions (Bòlit, Girona Contemporary Art Museum, 2017), Techno Blood (Sala d’Art Jove, 2017), Inside out, Injuve Grants for the development of young talent 2015 (Sala Amadís, Madrid, 2017), X-rays, (Xavier Fiol’s Gallery, Mallorca, 2015), Tabula Rasa Videoprojeccions (MUU Gallery, Helsinki, 2014) and the International Film Festival Between Islands (Traveling exhibition, 2014-2015).

Torres received some grants such as Injuve 2015 (Spanish Government), Sala d’Art jove 2016 (Catalan Government), the 2016 Amedeu Oller’s prize for unpublished poets (publishing her first book of poetry), a grant from Bolit Girona’s Art Museum and the 2016 Archie Gittes Prize of Palma´s Fine Art Circle. Laura Torres has been in different residencies such as at the Nau Estruch Art Factory (Sabadell, 2017), at Bolit Girona’s Art Museum as part of the Bolit Mentor Program Residence (Girona, 2017) and at the Laboratory Ca l’Isidret Editions Residence (Vilafranca del Penedés, 2015).