Jutta Ravenna by Icaro August 08, 2023 0 Portfolios

Born in Düsseldorf, Germany, Ravenna studied visual arts and music in Düsseldorf and Berlin. As sound-artist, she works with kinetic objects. On the border between visual art and music, she researches intermodal perceptional qualities between acoustics and visual themes, mostly with site-specific installations. Since 1994 examples of works in lakes, abandoned shipyards, a gelatine-factory, old churches and monasteries, radio stations and universities. Several shows in Germany and abroad, among others: Filmfestival São Paulo, Goethe Center Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Soundtower St. Pölten, DARB-1718 Cairo, Egypt, Sound Art Gallery SA))_Gallery Moscow, Festival for Music and Light Berlin, singuhr hoergalerie Berlin, Villa Contarini Padua, Deutsche Telekom Berlin, Akademie der Künste Berlin. Since 2016 she is member of Errant Sound. Ravenna was co-founder of the events “Klangkunst im Dialog” (1996) and curator of the Festival “Sonifications” 2017 at Berlin Society for New Music.