Jiôn Kiim by Icaro April 01, 2023 0 Portfolios

Jiôn Kiim (b. Busan, Korea) lives and works in Porto since 2017. Her practice is transdisciplinary and encompasses various media, with drawing at its core, as well as painting, photography and installations. She holds a Diploma in Fine Arts from the HfBK Dresden. She has studied in Kunstakademie Stuttgart and at the Faculty of Fine Art of the U.Porto and Industrial Design (BFA) at Hongik Univ. in Seoul. The works of Jiôn Kiim appear to inhabit the interstice between language and the ineffable that defines the space of the artistic gesture and its form. They emerge as empty signs, as pure acts of meditation. In a quest for uncertainty and joy, her works circumvent interpretation and logical understanding, to provide a surface of attention to the present moment, towards the gestures and substances that compose a pictorial area, without clear borders or definitions. Her work is represented in Porto Municipality’s Art Collection and has appeared in venues and publications such as On The Surface: photography conference | MAAT (Lisbon), Galeria Municipal do Porto, Instituto, Clube Desenho, Revista Dose #6, scopio editions, Ci.CLO Biennial 19, Galeria aSede, Galeria Dentro and Palacete Pinto Leite (Porto), Memory Center (Vila do Conde), Salon Sophie Charlotte (Berlin), GnRation (Braga), ZAWP (Bilbao), Art Space O (Seoul), Motorenhalle, Ex14 and Oktogon (Dresden), among others. She is currently a member of the Clube Desenho Studio in Porto.

Residency supported by DGartes @dg.artes