Ivan Gonçalves by Icaro August 04, 2021 0 Portfolios

Ivan Gonçalves, known professionally as ZayGMalgravadusons, or simply ZAY G, is a Cape Verdian artist, from the suburbs of the city of Praia (Eugénio Lima), who sings “Rap and Hip Hop Crioulo”.

Zay G has gained praise from fellow urban musicians for his focus on promoting positive and conscious messages to the youth through his music.

His first contact with Hip Hop took place more than 11 years ago, when he started to write his first lyrics, inspired by active rappers at the time and fascinated by this world of poetry, rhymes and melodies. Before he knew it, he was participating in local Freestyle battles in various Praia suburbs, making himself known for his notorious and natural improvisation skills.

Zay G has had the chance to collaborate with some of the most influential Cape Verdean hip hop artists such as Gá da Lomba and has performed in various music venues in Praia as well as in some TV shows. With more than 200 songs recorded at least 30 to be released, Zay G’s talent is yet to be fully unleashed.

Music has had a tremendous positive influence in his life, leading him in positives paths, away from negative temptations, and he wants to help young hip hop artists to embrace hip hop music as a weapon for social consciousness and positive action.

His biggest dream is to take his music to other countries and create positive connections with other cultures.