IIN(TER)SULARIDADES by Ricardo April 09, 2018 0 Research, Uncategorized

If landscape is, as Michel Courajoud states, “the place where the sky touches the land”, the concept of landscape is deeply connected to the history of nature’s pictorial representation, the appearance of the landscape as a genre. This concept builds up on the fragmentation, through the unique and immobile gaze that divides the whole of natures. The insular regions have, in themselves, other frontiers, they exist separate from the main land, or between the sea, and always on the threshold of identities,  they are metaphors for the concepts of diaspora and migration within the post-colonial studies. In(ter)sularidades is a research group investigating about insular landscapes and their artistic practices, in such regions as Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe. The research approaches these regions through a comparative model, these regions that are distant from each other, but that share a similar history of dislocation, migration, isolation, exile and diaspora, and models of artistic creation that reflect the insular history of these places, both in the past and in the present.