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Ian Waelder (1993) lives and works in Mallorca, Spain. His artistic practice explores suburban culture from memory. Working with photography, sound or sculpture, the artist collects experiences from his environment, and is interested in researching the traces and marks left by the individual.

He has solo shows at L21 Gallery in Palma and Madrid, at the Chirivella Soriano Foundation in Valencia, at LOCAL Arte Contemporáneo in Santiago, Chile or at DAFO (Lleida). He has also participated in curated projects at Salón (Madrid), Sant Andreu Contemporani (Barcelona) or La Casa Encendida (Madrid) among others. His work has been presented in art fairs like ARCOmadrid or Untitled Miami Beach. Recently he has been invited to give lectures in art classes at the Diego Portales University (Santiago de Chile) or EAM Leandre Cristòfol (Lleida). Other residencies include: Panal361 (Buenos Aires), Tokonoma (Kassel) and the most recently NauEstruch (Sabadell).

During his residency at HANGAR he will research the relationships between different materials and forms, architecture and skateboard practices, working with a series of text works extracted from essays from Raphäel Zarka and Iain Borden put into dialogue with a series of photographs and installations.

Project financed by INJUVE Ayudas a la Creación Joven 2015.

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