Exhibition: INDEFINITE SERIES OF DISCONTINUOUS ACTS by Ricardo October 26, 2020 0 News Previous

November 6th – 14th | 6-9 pm daily
Visiting by appointment only: msnithyaiyer@gmail.com

An Indefinite Series of Discontinuous Acts is an interdisciplinary research project conducted in Lisbon in 2020 by Nithya Iyer (AUS). Using a methodology of phenomenological practice in relation to the theses of PhD researchers Jad Khairallah and Zohar Iancu (Universidade Catolica Portuguesa), this project aims to articulate the potentialities of working reflexively between arts-based inquiry and academic scholarship. Traversing themes of ambiguity as practice, inside/outside, thresholds and liminality, and the shifting markers of contemporary cultural citizenship, this exhibition features audio-visual installations, visual and text-based works that represent key outcomes from the research.