Elin Mack by Ricardo April 15, 2020 0 Portfolios

Elin Mack from Oslo, Norway worked as craftsman and designer for 30 years but now solely works with visual art. In recent years her work has been based on found material, such as posters and printed material she finds on streets and walls.

The last couple of years she has worked with photography as part of her art project. The photographs were initially taken as inspiration for her collage work. But the photographs of overlayered, weathered and tattered posters have evolved into a separate art project, where the photographs can be said to be in dialogue with collages. She has done these pictures in many cities around Europe and in Norway.

Elin works simultaneously with the photographs and collages in formats up to 2.5 meters.  She also works with paper in three-dimensional forms.

Elin has a Master from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She is a member of NBK, Norwegian Association of Visual Artist ,International Association of Art and The International Society of Assemblage and Collage Artists.

She has had three solo exhibitions, (2011, 2013, 2015) and a number of group exhibitions Norway and in Brazil (2015)

Her work decorates different hotels in USA. She had work published by div. international collage books (Ireland, Italy, Australia).