Donghwan Ko by Ricardo March 06, 2018 0 Portfolios

Donghwan Ko (b.1982, Daejeon, South Korea) lives and works in London and Seoul. With a doctorate degree in Fine Art from the University of East London, Donghwan Ko practice explores the reasoning behind why we call a place ‘home’ and what conditions are required to encourage us to inhabit a given space.
“My work revolves heavily around understanding the dynamic nature of the spaces which we define as home. The space within the home is a temporary space that requires settlement and adaptation, ultimately becoming a cardinal site for our privacy and intimacy. It is, however, paradoxically complex, limited, temporary, divided, and empty.” DK
Selected Exhibitions: Platform for Emerging Arts 16. Leyden Gallery, London (2017), #TRIBE17 International Art Festival. Oxo Tower, London (2017), START Art Fair_Korean Eye: Perceptual Trace. Saatchi Gallery, London (2017), As it stands: Unrefined, muted, abandoned. Hundred Years Gallery, London (2017), Fine Art Professional Doctorate Degree Show. AVA Gallery, UEL, London (2017), Wrapping the Clouds. The Square Gallery, London (2017), 1982. Toon Gallery, Chuncheon, Korea (2016).