Daria Tchapanova by Ricardo April 16, 2020 0 Portfolios

By looking at various locations, empty (ware-)houses or industrial sides – no matter where – there are a lot of details that appear in a similar way. The presence of people in an empty space is still visible – synthetic materials, broken glass, papers and other left overs of human presence can give reference to the history of a place. They can be looked as cut-outs, separated from their origin and their history and still traces of previous activities.

“love for the detail (3)“ is a research based photographic work capturing topological survey of urban decay in different geographical areas. It focuses on empty and abandon spaces by looking at the beauty of destruction in detail with an alienated character. “love for the detail“ has started 2012 in South Africa and has been traveling to Austria, Germany and Bulgaria.
At HANGAR within the city of Lisbon the work will be connected to previous projects but also it will take different shape in the context of Lisbon.

Residency funded by Federal Chancellery Austria and Lower Austria Culture