Bryony Dunne by Ricardo April 15, 2020 0 Portfolios

The film and photography project titled Pembe! analogizes the centuries-old hunt of the unicorn to the present-day multi-billion dollar rhino horn trade, focusing on Sudan, the world’s last male northern white rhinoceros. Through experimentation, the project intends to show how human beings guide life into both myth and extinction. The residency opportunity at Hanger will explore the story of the Lisbon Rhinoceros, by collating visual imagery of the city, the rhino’s point of entry into the country, and the various connotations this must of produced in the public imagination at that time – with the intent of building upon the layers of myth that exist around the animals existence.

Bryony Dunne is an Irish-artist based in Cairo. Her first short film brought her to Egypt in 2012 to photograph a network of ancient desert gardens cultivated by the Bedouin Gabaliya tribe in the Sinai Peninsula. The Orchard Keepers (2014) was awarded best documentary at the International Iranian Green Film Festival as well as first prize at the Ethnographic Film Festival in Croatia. Her work has been presented at London’s Mosaic Rooms, Irish Film Institute, Leighton House Museum and Goldsmiths University. Her first solo show titled Seeds from the Zoo is set to be exhibited in Cairo’s Townhouse Gallery in October 2016. She teaches photography at the German University in Cairo.