ATWORK LISBON EXHIBITION by Ricardo September 17, 2017 0 News

Presentation of the works done during the workshop “Where do we go from here?”

Opening: SEPTEMBER, 22, Friday, 7PM

Hangar 3rd floor



Opening: Friday, Septermber 22nd, 7pm<br> Free Admission


Hangar, in partnership with the Italian NGO lettera27, promoted the workshop “Where do we go from here?” between September 15 and 17, 2017. For 3 days a group of 17 young people of different ages and backgrounds, guided by Simon Njami with mediation by Herbert Smith, Antonio Britto Guterres and Jeanne Mercier, worked around the drawing notebooks by Moleskine, to capture ideas and thoughts that have become works of art. The notebooks are now presented at the AtWork Lisbon exhibition, with the presence of young artists.

Ifeyemi Erdmann

Gil Eanes Silva

Rafael de Almeida

Nedylia Rosa

Bárbara Pereira

Lion Maré Djaci

Nádia Lima

Gabriel de Moura

Suleiman Suaré

Álvaro Tavares Guilherme

Ana Filipa Tavares

Andrea Duron

Dário Sambo

Hugo Barros

William Almeida Costa

Lubanzadyo Bula

Milton Varela

AtWork is an itinerant educational format designed by lettera27 and Simon Njami, that uses the creative process to stimulate critical thinking and debate among participants, selected through an open call. It contributes to inspire a new generation of thinkers.

This is the first edition in Portugal of the AtWork creative workshop.