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Art and Education | Empowering Young People
With Mark Miller (Tate Britain/ Tate Modern) and Adama Sanneh (Moleskine Foundation)
Thursday, 6th September, 6pm
Moderator: Bruno Leitão
Free Admission

“Young people have worked as collaborator, contributors and a collective movement for change across many international cultural institutions.The session will focus on young people, and will highlight how multidisciplinary art form, collaboration and cultural production can cause action for positive change. This work also highlights the role of art, within art institutions, as a catalyst for social equality and transferable skills. The sessions will also highlight young people’s role within cultural organisations, and the methods used to develop cultural ownership, relevance and representation in cultural spaces.” – Mark Miller

Mark Miller is Circuit: Convenor Young People’s Programmes at Tate Modern and Tate Britain. Since 2006 his work at Tate has been responsible for establishing the vision, direction, and implementation of programmes, projects and events, both national and international. This includes Circuit, a four year national programme connecting 15–25 year olds to the arts in galleries, Tate Collective London, British Council European programme Youth Art Interchange. Other projects include, the Hyperlink Festival, Undercurrent part of The Tanks Art In Action and the Turbine Festival at Tate Modern, TENT Rotterdam X Tate, BP Saturdays Loud Tate, and Late at Tate Britain.

“ Can creativity Change the World?”

The Moleskine Foundation is a non-profit organization that believes that quality education is key to producing positive change in society and driving our collective future. Focusing on communities affected by cultural and social deprivation, the Foundation is committed to providing youth with unconventional educational tools and experiences that help foster critical thinking, creativity and life-long learning. To achieve this, the Foundation works at the intersection of three focus areas: innovative education, art and culture for social transformation, advocacy and cross-cultural sensitization.With a special focus on Africa and its diaspora, the Foundation works closely with local organizations to fund, support and co-create a wide range of distinctive initiatives. Together with our partners and grantees, it strives to catalyze systemic change through an open, participatory and cross-sectoral approach.The Co-Founder and COO Adama Sanneh will present the new strategy of the Foundation and its main initiatives with a specific focus on the role that creativity and art can play in social transformation.” – Adama Sanneh

Adama Sanneh is the Co-Founder and COO of the Moleskine Foundation, committed to promoting, advocating and developing initiatives showcasing the role that art and culture can play in social change and economic development. He graduated in Public Management (MPM) from Bocconi University and obtained a MBA from the University of Geneva.