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Ana Torres is a Brazilian artist and writer from São Paulo. She has a Bachelor degree in Social Sciences and a formation as a ballerina. Her research envelopes intimacy and melancholy in the feminine universe.

Ana is the creator and director of Meus Fluídos, the absurd pharmacy. An e-commerce of tears as an answer to a performance realized in 2019 where the artist cries in streaming platforms.

Realizing that she obsessively writes letters to absent loved ones, Ana publishes those ridicule love letters in that same digital territory – Meus Fluídos – in order to bring drama and daydreaming of her attempts of communication. The messages always arrived at the mark.

Cartas de amor são ridículas is the most recent work of the artist, developed in a moment in which she delves deeper into the sphere of both individual and collective intimacy and melancholy, exploring the erotization of life and suffering in the frontier between real and absurd.

Cartas is a project of pain recording but is also, an statute, a general balance of universal questions. The intimate, the detail, that which escaped and delves deeper into the system. The exteriority of relationships as something fluttering, created throughout the passage of time. It’s writing does not regard facts but relationships of facts in the inner and outer worlds. A collection of variables constitute each unity, in a discontinuous time, such as droplets.

In search for crumbs of man’s destiny, Ana ponders politics as great foolishness, amidst the complaining of a broken heart. Her philosophy gazes straight at the fear of living and our ways of feeling.

Currently Ana Torres participate in See you, tomorrow exhibition in Atopos Venice, Italy and in the selection CompactaMAG of the Museuem of Contemporary Art of Goiânia, Brazil.