Amalia Valdés Mujica by Ricardo December 15, 2017 0 Portfolios

Amalia Valdés Mujica (1981) is a Chilean visual artist with a degree in Fine Arts from Finis Terrae University, Chile (2006). Valdés’ artistic investigation begins with the use of geometry and its infinite possibilities when it comes to tackling the space in which it is located. She is interested in concepts such as figure and background or reality and fiction, inserted within a global context dominated by exactitudes. Valdés has recreated ancestral figures of pre- Columbian cultures, several of which are based on the earth’s vital balance: figures that speak out with a sensitive perception of this forgotten ancient Valdés’ artistic investigation worldview. She has participated in several solo and group exhibitions held at important cultural centers and museums throughout Chile, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in Santiago and Valdivia, the Museum for Visual Arts (MAVI) and Sala Gasco Arte Contemporáneo (Stgo, Chile) among others. Also, in Germany at Galerie Seippel (Cologne), Galerie Eigenheim and the Korean Cultural Centre, both in Berlin. She has also participated in several art fairs, including ArteBA, SCOPE NY, Art Toronto, ZonaMACO, Cha.CO, and the First Ceramic Biennial of Latvia (2016). She currently lives and works in Berlin.