Abel Jaramillo by Ricardo January 25, 2018 0 Portfolios

Abel Jaramillo (b. 1993, Badajoz, Spain) is a Fine Arts graduate of Universidad de Castilla la Mancha (Spain) and Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal). He recently obtained his Masters in Contemporary, Technological and Performance Art by the Universidad del País Vasco (Spain). Abel Jaramillo develops his work through the search of strategies that alter or subvert the habitual logic of understanding different contexts. He is interested in the cracks of history, the stories in the margins, how they are produced and builds different discourses and the political tensions which are projected in the everyday. His work has been shown in different centers of contemporary art and galleries as Centro Centro (Madrid), Aldama Fabre Gallery (Bilbao), Fabre i Coats (Barcelona), Montehermoso Cultural Center (Vitoria-Gasteiz) or Combustión Espontánea Gallery (Madrid). Jaramillo has been awarded grants, residencies and distinctions as Bilbao Arte Foundation (Bilbao), Injuve Grant (Madrid), Open Studio (Madrid), Nauestruch (Sabadell) or Intransit (Madrid), among others.

Support: Ayudas Injuve