Sofía Mendiondo by Icaro September 24, 2022 0 Portfolios

My name is Sofía Mendiondo, Im 31 years old. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After secondary school, I studied Fashion Design and Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires. Since the year 2018 I work as a resident in clinical psychology specializing in psychoanalytic therapy in Argerich Hospital located in the city of Buenos Aires. I have worked as an assistant to different visual artists and as a costume designer in different plays. In 2017, I created a textile and social project for teenagers (Crear Hilando) that was validated by the City of Buenos Aires mental health Institution. Five years ago I began taking contemporary art workshops and courses. I have taken part in different art exhibitions such as Highlife: Festival of music and art of Buenos Aires (2019), En Ache De: Artists Cycle (2021) and in 4th Woman artists art exhibition de Fusión Art (2020). My occupation as a psychologist and the artistic practices in my work have never been separate and I am particularly interested in thinking of the two as strictly interconnected. These two have led me to ask myself questions that insist in the same manner, and with such impetus: about repetition, variation, series, the point and cut. I make use of different mediums that allow me to put these interests and concepts to the test. Techniques such as audiovisual media, sewing, drawing, or interface devices. A few years ago I started working and researching about the procedures implicated in the way the sewing machine operates and in the dreams as stories.