Sergio Chavarria by Icaro March 30, 2023 0 Portfolios

Sergio Chavarria⁠
In 2016, he entered the Visual Arts degree at ENPEG “La Esmeralda”, from which he graduated in July 2020.⁠In March 2019 he participates in the collaborative project “PARA KIERES SABER ESO?” within the Esmeralda exhibition cycle together with “Conceptual Paradise”, the final production group. ⁠
In September 2019, during that same cycle of exhibits he carried out his first solo exhibit: “PICO DE GALLO”.⁠
He was part of the SOMA educational program in the 2022 generation and the 2020-2021 generation of FONCA Young Creators in the photography category. Her practice is linked to research. As an artist, he considers it essential to work with her immediate context and questions how documentary practice is introduced into contemporary art.⁠