Orly Ruaimi by Ricardo February 06, 2018 0 Portfolios

Orly Ruaimi (b. Israel) lives and works in Los Angeles, California. With a MFA in Studio Arts from San Francisco Art Institute, Orly Ruaimi artistic practice deals with the idea of useless, un-utilitarian or non-utilitarian tools as a concept of her central preoccupations: the weapon as object. Through sculpture, installation, performance, photography and new media, her work speaks to the yearning and struggle for emotion and physical freedom for the individual from societal, institutional and political burdens. Orly received many awards, such as the Murphy and Cadogan Scholarship in 2016 and the Harold E. Weiner Memorial Fund Award in Sculpture in 2017. Her most current achievements include a temporary installation entitled “I’ll Fight You Just to Get Peace” in conjunction with the Mel Ziegler exhibition “A Living Thing” at the Walter McBean Gallery, the selection of her video “Risk Management” for the MFA Film Festival at the New People Cinema, San Francisco and as an installation to be shown at Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts later this year.