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December 17th, 2016, 15h > 19h

Presentation of the artists’ research and works developed during the residency.

Resident Artists







Culinary Residency: Walter Alexandre

Public Angolan dinner + music set

Menu: Súmater (dried fish on the grill with dinhungo sauce) l wine and water

Price: 10 euros


20h > 23h

About the Workshop:

Left overs is the fifth edition of Triangle Network ( workshop held in Hangar.

Left overs aims to be a reflection on the ruin, remnants and fragments of memories of what was left out of historical cartography and beyond the edges of memory. Everything that we tried to erase or has remained of the past and no longer matters, either because it was left behind or because it has become a dead archive or a wreck without use or place. Left overs proposes new approaches to reflection on the shadows and waste of personal and collective cultural memories from diverse narratives, in connection with subjects such as archived history, the forgotten city, defeated empires, the lost family album or stories outside its place.

The workshop follows TN’s international network model, i.e., gather a group of local and international artists (in equal numbers) for a period of 10 days, allowing them to work collectively and to exchange artistic, process and cultural experiences.

The artists participating in the 5th edition are: João Vasco Paiva (PT | Hong Kong), Andrea Santana (PT), Cesar Schofield Cardoso (Cape Verde), Laila Hida (Morocco), Leah Gordon (UK). The group is chosen in a logical parity between genders and nationalities. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together artists who in addition to their artistic practices are also active as cultural producers and streamline independent projects in different geographies.

A program of presentations, seminars and an Open Day complete the workshop’s activities and give support and visibility to the work in progress.