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On the Wolf’s Trail
June 17th | 7 pm


“On the Wolf’s Trail” is a programme of sensory practices and lectures focused on decolonial ecology and restorative justice that explores pedagogical formats to debate forms of collective repair, restoration, resilience, and healing. Along four years, these themes will be explored through situated methods, outdoor workshops, somatic exercises, and critical seminars. The sessions, led by practitioners from the fields of art, environmental humanities, and post-colonial studies, embrace topics such as mutualism and reciprocity, working towards the repair ancestral wounds.

The ‘Sensory Practices’ programme will depart from diverse pedagogical experiments, including singing, walking, stories, movement, writing, and conducted listening circles that address the relationship between ecosystems, communities, and people. ‘Testimonies’ and ‘Weaving Worlds’ includes a series of seminars by lead thinkers from the area of philosophy, ecology, and magic.

Curatorship and mentorship by Margarida Mendes


Margarida Mendes is a researcher, curator, and educator, exploring the overlap between systems thinking, experimental film, sound practices and ecopedagogy. She creates transdisciplinary forums, exhibitions and experiential works where alternative modes of education and sensing practices may catalyse political imagination and restorative action. Mendes has been long involved in anti-extraction activism collaborating with marine NGOs, Universities, and institutions of the art world. She holds a PhD in Research Architecture by the Department of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths University of London, and is a member of Natural Contract Lab, a transdisciplinary collective of lawyers and artists working on restorative justice and nature rights across Europe.