Maurrice by Ricardo July 11, 2019 0 portfolios

Son of Cape Verdean (Island of Fogo) and Guinea Bissau Mother, and Angolan Father from Luanda with a mixture of Sao Tome and Principe,

is a Lisbon-based urban dancer, his moves hits various stages of music, creating a thrill ride and educating the public’s ear about different instrument options.

Maurrice worked and belonged to bands and dance groups along with national and international actors and choreographers, including bands such as Makongo, Sp & Wilson, Buraka Som Sistema, Marco De Camilis, Mónica Calle, Valete, among others ..

Over the years Maurrice discovers a creative streak for production and beat making, where he creates his own instrumentals using a cutting and sewing method,
From there he uses many musical references from his roots, remixing and giving a modern electronic touch with harmony and lightness.