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Marina Pu is a director. She lives and works in England and Taiwan. She has worked in the media industry of Taiwan, as a director films and documentaries for television, for 10 years. She completed her post-graduate in 2007 in Cinema and Television Production at the Endinburgh University in the UK. Her films have been selected for various cinema festivals in England, Scotland, and other parts of Europe. Marina has taught film and television production at Taiwanese University since 2012. She has produced documentary projects in Taiwan and Europe.

Marina’s films weigh on subjects like cultural diversity and humanity, inspired visual arts in Japanese cultural, as well as her cultural past in Taiwan and her life in Great Britain, where she has lived since 2006.

Marina will continue to work on her long-duration documentary project DISQUIET IDENTITIES during her artistic residence at HANGAR. The documentary begins with a violent crime involving a child at the Taipei metro. The documentary features the footage from the event, including Taiwanese news programs. She also interviews University students and professors , questioning them on themes of violence, crime, culture, and youth.

After 2 residencies in Fukuoka, Japan and Múrcia, Spain working with students and University professors, Marina comes to Lisbon to continue her interviews.

Two of the first parts of the documentary DISQUIET IDENTITIES can be viewed here and here.

This project is open to collaboration with students and University professors, of the areas of Social science and Directorial work (among others). Those interested can contact HANGAR to participate and to get more information. Marina Pu will be in residence in Lisbon from 1 to the 15 of August.

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