Mais Ou Menos Preciso — Workshop by xerem April 06, 2016 0 News Previous

3 to 6 May — 6 pm > 10 pm

Price: 13,57€


Necessary Materials: 5 scratchcards without awards, 31 grams of Sodium Cloride, 1 pair of good tenis shoes, and worn out pair, 3 artificially colored feathers, 2 images of mountains where you’ve never been, 1 rock (of random size, form and coloration), 7 different gobstoppers, 1 foldout chair, 1 book of instructions for something that is hard to master, and 1 radio battery.

The spectacle The Slope and the Inclination facilitates a type of learning designed for students, professionals, lovers and Philistines of the performing arts, that presents practices and proceedings that deal with the absurd, examining things like: absurdity, emptiness, and wastefulness.  The source of the installation are the absurd practices of the everyday for the creation of performative material and fine arts, referencing the work of Ivo Dimchev, duo Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion, as well as the work of Samuel Beckett, Kurt Schwitters, Bruce Nauman, and Steve Reich, among many, many others.

The myth of Sisyphus is not as great as the opportunity to affirm with Camus that there a conscience of individual agency does not substitute the global absence that allows us to defend the absolute necessity of artistic activity in terms of the economic logistics that we seek to govern. So the myth does not only reveal a hero written in the repetition of a task without meaning but gives the hero purpose in an interminable process of attempts and failures. In a certain way, this compromise with the instructions and rules experiments with ideas of exhaustion and the appearance of singular forms of subjectivity, gaining dimension as a satire of resistance. It paints portrait of prejudice without motive in unnecessary excess could very well be of the artist when they were young.

image ©  João Ferro Martins