Jennifer Moore by Icaro April 05, 2021 0 Workshops no Hangar

Jennifer Moore is a multi-disciplinary artist developing work within Irish DIY music and art communities and organizations over the past four years in Dublin, Ireland. She is interested in relationships between bodies, in the ways all bodies human and non-human are inter-connected, existing within a constellation of ever shifting global relations, past and present. She enjoys researching, imagining and realizing work, predominantly through the materials of sound and space and increasingly through processes of collaboration and socially engaged practice. Sometimes these processes and projects are presented or result in formats such as sound production, performance, artistic-public interventions, sound installation, video, writing, publishing, map making, conversations, music and dancing events or listening sessions. Some of these projects take place over a number of weeks or months and others over a number of years. Her current research focuses on better understanding art as a tool for reclaiming public infrastructures/spaces and establishing ally-ship across members of different communities within the urban/city landscape.