Artistic Migrations In and Beyond Lisbon by Ricardo
EDSON CHAGAS — 29th June 2016 — 7 pm [vc_gallery type="image_grid" images="4863" img_size="400x200"] Artistic Migrations In and Beyond Lisbon | integrated in the program  180º Artistas ao Sul Artists Talks Artistic Migrations In and Beyond Lisbon, organized by Ana Balona de Oliveira in a partnership  between the Centre for Comparative Studies (CEC-FLUL), the Institute for Art History (IHA-FCSH-UNL) and Hangar in Lisbon, is a series of conversations with artists, some of whom in residence at Hangar in the context of the artist residencies programme ‘180º Artistas ao Sul’, and other invited speakers. Through several media, the artists in question examine and problematize notions of identity and difference, not only national and diasporic, but also cultural, racial, class-based, gendered and sexual, as well as the notion of artistic production as a means for the investigation of history and memory, both collective and individual, both public and private, with the purpose of examining the contradictions…