Artist Talk: Melissa Rodrigues + Dinner & DJ by Ricardo November 17, 2019 0 News, Residencies Triangle Network

International Artist Workshop

17 December | Saturday | 6 pm

Imagem: Melissa Rodrigues
Apoio: DGArtes e Gasworks

©Melissa Rodrigues

Melissa Rodrigues (1985, Cape-Verde). Post graduated in Performance (Specialization Degree) by the Faculty of Fine Arts – UP and Under graduated in Anthropology by FCSH – UNL. Member of Formação Intensiva Acompanhada (F.I.A.) in Performative Arts by c.e.m. – centro em movimento, Lisbon. Currently living in Porto, she’s an Educator at the Educational Services in Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art; collaborates with A Oficina – Educação e Mediação Cultural – Guimarães – and is on the process of creating a pedagogical project for ESPAÇO SP620 – Salut Au Monde! Frequently participates in collaborative and interdisciplinary projects that are related with art, experimentation and activism. As a researcher in the areas of performance and anthropology, she has been developing research in Visual culture, image and representation. Co-creating in 2017 with ‘Coletivo Chá das Pretas’ the performance ‘cabelo’, following in the same year by invitation of choreographer Joclécio Azevedo, conceived a lecture-performance presented in the scope of the ”Documentário” Project, that took place in the performance-conference of “submissive to politics – the place of a black body in visual culture”, performance that has been shown in both academic and artistic context.

Photo: Melissa Rodrigues
Support: DGArtes and Gasworks