Ana Silva by Icaro August 02, 2021 0 Portfolios

Ana Silva was born in Angola. She currently lives and works between Angola and Portugal.
She attended the higher education course in drawing and painting at AR.CO, in Lisbon.

“Through a very personal artistic approach marked by the use of different materials such as: canvas, wood, metal, acrylic, fabric, lace…Ana Silva questions the notions of inheritance and knowledge transfer between different female generations.

After the Angolan civil war, Ana Silva tries to collect and recreate personal stories for her works. In her series the FARDO, taken from the name given to bags for transporting second-hand clothes donated to Africa and which are sold, she contests the use of materials typically associated with women’s use, such as embroidery and lace, in order to denounce the breakdown of social systems and excessive consumption linked to the fashion industry.

In these bags, she embroiders moments of life captured in Angola, always with an aesthetic and poetic side.

She also presents a critical social situation marked by strong inequalities.”
(Text from The Power Of My Hands exhibition translated by artist Ana Silva)