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OPEN MIND SESSIONS — Fernando Arenas

A series of talks/performances by academics and practitioners organized by cultural theorist, Christabelle Peters. Each session will be inspired by a single thing – an artwork, a piece of music, a gesture in dance, etc. – and will invite us along on a magical and intellectual journey across time and space, making linkages with the cultures and histories of the African diaspora. The talks are based on the idea that an open mind can see a whole universe in the tiniest object.

7 June 2016

6 pm


Presentation in Portuguese

“Africans and Afrodescendants in Contemporary Portuguese Cinema: Immigrants, Citizens, and Humans”
My talk explores the politics of representation of Africans and afro-descendants in postcolonial Portuguese cinema ranging from documentaries to art and commercial feature films by Pedro Costa, Inês Oliveira, Joaquim Leitão, and Leonel Vieira, as well as Kiluanje Liberdade, Inês Gonçalves, and Vasco Pimentel. I analyze the various ethical and aesthetic choices made by directors in forging a sense of community while granting social citizenship to Africans and their descendants in various filmic projects. This paper is part of my current long-term research project focusing on migratory flows in the Portuguese-speaking world and issues related to interculturality, community, and citizenship, reflected in my new book project, “Afro-Portuguese, New Portuguese: From Migration to Citizenship”

Fernando Arenas


Fernando Arenas