woke up and chose violence

woke up and chose violence

© Video Still Unlayered, Wyssolela Moreira


Curated by

André Cunha and Luamba Muinga


Henrique J Paris

Nark Luenzi

Tiago Mena

Wyssolela Moreira



Open date

June 1st, 2023 – 7pm


Until July 31st, 2023


FUGA, Henrique J Paris


no mar, Tiago Mena

Unlayered, Wyssolela Moreira


woke up and chose violence paints a comprehensive portrait of violence in many of its forms, encompassing emotional, institutional, symbolic, and environmental dimensions, while also analysing the impacts of negotiations arising from the shifting spaces of power dynamics. It reflects on this pervasive presence and how it’s use, once appropriated, can be liberating.

André Cunha (ANG) (1987) lives and works between Luanda and Lisbon. He has an MA in Curatorial Studies from Lisbon Fine Arts University and Caloust Gulbenkian Foundation. Currently he has an ongoing project about Laboratório Nacional de Cinema of Televisão Popular/Pública de Angola and is curating the Carnival Trilogy Project.

Luamba Muinga works in curation, cultural research, and writing. His practice has been centred on reexamining history and the permanence of memory, on how we appropriate the past, extracting its context, to locate it in the present. He coordinates LabCC – Laboratório de Crítica e Curadoria, an art platform that dynamizes multidisciplinary projects within cultural structures as a facilitator of the practice of young curators and art educators in Luanda. Muinga is Angolan National Press Prize for Literature in 2022 and co-author of the publication “Are we not makers of history? (Bag Factory, Jorburg, 2020).