Unlayered – Wyssolela Moreira


Wyssolela Moreira


Unlayered is an experimental video created by collaging clips of the subject in a moving performance that explores the placement of the body within ever-shape-shifting spaces. It invites viewers to re-think the different manifestations of silence when subjects are placed in specific spaces, and how that constantly changes whether they are physical environments, digital platforms, mental states, or energetic spheres.

June 1st ~ July 31st 2023 – 7pm

Wyssolela Moreira, born in Luanda, lives and works between Toronto, Canada and Luanda, Angola as a multidisciplinary artist, art director, wellness therapist.

Her artistic and experimental practice uses digital collage, writing, photography, installation, video art,and performance to explore the complexities of a Self influenced by neo-colonial normativity. She works at the intersection of art and spirituality, and centers the decolonization and deconstruction of colonial inheritance pertaining to the body, identity, space, belief, and health. She also uses her work to hold space for marginalized experiences, challenge existing narratives about Africanism/Blackness, and highlight the social realities of gender and human rights inequality.