COMFORT ZONE – Nark Luenzi


Nark Luenzi


Nzala is in a battle with himself about what it is to be a MAN, in the face of everything he has been taught about masculinity. Nzala grapples with himself and fights against the voices of the past and the feelings of the present. They mix in a dance full of contradictions, in the struggle to understand the real meaning of being an AFRICAN MAN.The short film is an invitation towards a poetic and abstract reflection on the consequences of the existing construction of being a man in the African context, the apparent comfortable bubble of masculinity within a society, looking specifically at issues of affectivity, verbal expression of feelings, lack of affection, are the aspects to be reflected upon.

Direction & Production by Nark Luenzi

Performed by Canga Baieta

Sound by Jacks Di

Tecnical assistance : Dreça Manuel

June 1st ~ July 31st 2023 – 7pm

Nark Luenzi is a filmmaker, visual artist, writer, editor, and producer based in Luanda, Angola. Her visual narratives encompass critical reflections on body and gender politics, parallel visions, and the tangible and emotional struggles surrounding the female gender, with a focus on aesthetic and bodily standardization.

She was producer, costume designer and co-star in the film “Lola Mami” directed by Resem Veknon, winner of the best short film category at Unitel Angola Move, 2022. Besides her own video-art-intervention creations, she did the art direction of music videos of national/international artists such as Aline Frazão, Sara Serpa, VALETE.

In 2021, her work was widely presented in the group show “EM DEPENDÊCNIA “, of Ondjango Feminist. In 2019 she was part of the anthology of contemporary poetry in Portugal “Entre o sono e o sonho” Vol XI by Chiado Editora.

Founder and creative director of NKENTU, an artist-activist educational collective for the inclusion of women in the Angolan digital market. She is currently a Fellow of the MultiChoice Talent Factory program (MTF Academy).