Shade New Light

Shade New Light

Helena Gouveia Monteiro / Juliette Liautaud


“Shade New Light”
Helena Gouveia Monteiro / Juliette Liautaud, 2021.
15min, digital HD 16:9, colour, soundtrack from the album “Solstice” by Juliette Liautaud (2017), stereo.
Images captured from live camera obscura performance at Hangar Studio 7 in March 2021.

April 13th, 2021 – 6 pm

Helena Gouveia Monteiro is what we call a multimedia artist. In her art practice a series of visual sources and knowledge fields are involved in a very experimental way: cinema, sculpture, painting, engraving, artists’ books, the history of technical images, and media archaeology. Her art works are long-term projects that intertwine these resources.
Gouveia Monteiro´s residency at Hangar coincided with the second lockdown in Portugal, which turned out to be an opportunity for artistic immersion in her own country, despite not being able to explore the city during this time. All her art education and professional life happened abroad, in France and in Ireland, making Helena an outsider artist and insider citizen in her motherland.
These ambiguous states were not her main concern during the residency, but the broader context leading to the audio-visual experiment “Shade New Light”, now presented at Hangar online. In this project we are invited to watch a sunset from one of the best views in the city: at Hangar studios. In fact, what we see is this natural phenomenon taking place inside a room. Helena Gouveia Monteiro uses a camera obscura, the oldest moving image technology, as a tool for installation and displacement. Turning the outside inside, bringing the city life to the domestic space is a poetical way to comment on these tough days of pandemic and lockdown. It also reminds us that no matter what every day the sun follows its trajectory. For 10 days we are allowed to see this beautiful and insightful experimentation with spacial dislocations that shed new light on our experience in a dramatically changing world.

– Cristina Tejo

Helena Gouveia Monteiro is a visual artist and experimental filmmaker from Portugal. She received her MFA from the ENSA Villa Arson in Nice in 2015 and lives and works between Dublin and Marseilles.

Concerned with the history of technical images and heavily influenced by experimental cinema and media archaeology, she creates films, books, and multi-media installations that engage different levels of visual and cultural recognition to question our perception of language and audio-visual experiences.

Her work has been shown internationally in both cinema and gallery settings. She is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Fingal County Council and was recently awarded the Digital Media Residency at Fire Station Artists’ Studios in Dublin, the Light Cone Atelier 105 Residency in Paris for her film Purkyně’s Dusk, and the Portuguese Emerging Art 2020 (forthcoming catalog).

She is the co-founder of the artists’ editions publishing collective Stereo Editions and currently co-directs the LUX Critical Forum Dublin.


Juliette Liautaud was born in Marseilles in 1987, studied literature and visual arts in Paris and in the Czech Republic before completing her MFA at the Villa Arson National Art School in Nice in 2015.

She co-founded the publishing collective Stereoeditions, developing editorial projects and related events in France, Czech Republic, Ireland and Portugal. Currently living and working in Marseilles, her images, films, and sounds have travelled to experimental festivals, exhibitions, and residencies. Woven from living and vibrant materials often drawn from Nature, her production ranges from photography to moving images – film, video – and music.