Santa Ana – Como Se Adoram os Santos nas Igrejas

Santa Ana – Como Se Adoram os Santos nas Igrejas

©️ João Ana



Santa Ana – Como Se Adoram os Santos nas Igrejas


João Ana



Open Date

October 2nd, 2021


There are things – waves, radiation, vibration -, permanently going on around, surrounding
us. They make us go about life. They push us.

Those things, they may not be visible, they may not be palpable. They do touch, push and
change us, though – Not knowingly.

Those things, though silent, they never stop. They do not follow the cycle of a day. They are
permanent. They just go on.

“Como Se Adoram os Santos nas Igrejas” is a pretentious attempt, for a brief period of time –
to collect at least part of those invisible things.

It’s an attempt to try to adjust to those cycles and move along with them.

An absolute failure, it should be said.

João Ana
Moçâmedes/Namibe, Angola
Artist, musician, producer

He works in a wide field and with broad aesthetic influences: installation, performance, scenography, music, video, production.
In the Lisbon Architecture Triennale (2013) he was invited to participate with the performance “Celebrating Life by Slowing Down Perception”.
Also, he is a co-founder of the artist collective “Fuckin’ Globo”, which happens in Luanda and where he participated as an artist, co-curator (2017) and producer of multiple editions (FG I – 2015, FG II – 2016, FG III – 2017 and FG IV – 2018).In 2019 he was the set designer in the play “Die Wahre Geschichte”, at JTW (Jugend Theather Werkstatt) in Spandau, Berlin, 2019.