um transe de dez milésimos de segundos

um transe de dez milésimos de segundos

Jamile Cazumbá

7′ 52”

©️ Still: Gabriela Palha

“a trance of ten milliseconds” is a ritual-recital-performance about the layers of memory and the plenty intuition signs that act on a body between the runaway points (therefore the possibility of existing) tailored in the orí and the crossroads: the summoning of memory, the trance.

Performance: Jamile Cazumba
Directed by: Jamile Cazumba
Sound: Jamile Cazumbá and Studio ORC
Text: Jamile Cazumba
Camera: Ema Ribeiro and Jamile Cazumbá
Additional Images: Gabriela Palha and Jamile Cazumbá
Produced by: Anna Luísa Oliveira and Rebeca Andrade
Editing: Levi Barbosa
Editing: Levi Barbosa
Voice over: Inês Mendes Santos and Jamile Cazumbá

January 14 2023 – 6 pm to January 22nd 2023

Jamile Cazumbá is a visual artist and transits through other fields of arts, scenic, curatorship, production and cinema. Currently, she dedicates herself mainly to her ritual-recital-performance, supported by performance, drawing and language, investigating memories inscribed in the bodies of black women and their confluence with visual expressions. In 2020 she made her first experimental film “eu poderia cantar uma canção agora, né?”.